GDC 2015 – Day 1 Announcements

GDC has started and already the big announcements have begun. Since there has been so many of these big announcements made I thought I would create a little blog series to recap each day. So lets get started with day one!

Unreal is now free.

This one really came out of nowhere. A short time ago Epic games made their flagship engine available for a small subscription fee. Today though Epic went even farther by making this powerful engine free to all developers. One thing to note, the royalty fee of 5% on gross revenue after the first $3,000 per product, per quarter will remain. Read more about this announcement.

Corona SDK is now FREE.

Another big announcement that came out today was that Corona SDK is now free. Those using the Corona Simulator will now get the functionality that used to be included in Corona SDK Pro. This is a great engine and its awesome to see it being offered to developers at no cost. I’m a strong believer that having more engines available to developers the better the games will be. Check out more about this announcement

Valve partnering with HTC to make virtual reality headsets

The last big announcement I want to recap from today is that Valve and HTC are partnering to create virtual reality headsets. This was a rumor that was circulating around the net on Reddit and other social media networks. It now appears to be true with both Valve and HTC coming out and announcement. With VR becoming more and more viable, this is a great partnership that should produce some great devices in the future. Read more about this announcement here.

Stay tuned as I plan to add more recap posts throughout the week.

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