Unity porting at the speed of light

Ever wonder how long it takes to port a Unity game to the Windows Platform?

Recently I put together this short little video “Quick Guide: Porting Unity to Windows Phone” to show off how fast and easy it can be to port a simple Unity game over to Windows Phone. It’s not meant as a deep dive, but more of an overview look.  I show the simple steps to build a Visual Studio solution, make a small change to the project to display in Landscape mode and finally I show the game running in the Windows Phone Simulator. The whole video is around seven minutes long, so check it out and see for yourself how quick it can be. As an added bonus this video is actually one of this months (Jan 15- Feb 15) Developer Movement Challenge. #DevMov is a really cool program where your can earn point towards awesome stuff just by doing challenges and labs like this one. Definitely worth a look.

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