Hey there, DataBricks enthusiasts!

Have you ever found yourself tangled in the web of development environments, wishing for that one-stop solution for all your Azure DataBricks workflows? Well, if you haven’t met Masonry yet, prepare to be amazed. And if you’re already a fan, I’ve got some delightful news for you.

Introducing: Masonry’s Latest Release 🎉

It’s here, it’s fresh, and it’s geared up to supercharge your Azure DataBricks experience!

Masonry v0.0.3-13.3-LTS

What’s New?

  • Support for DataBricks Runtime 13.3LTS: Masonry now supports the latest and greatest from DataBricks, ensuring you have all the firepower at your disposal.

What’s Retained?

  • All Your Favorite Features! Don’t you just hate it when updates eliminate those tiny features you loved? No worries here. Masonry retains ALL its previous functionalities. Your old codes, projects, and workflows are safe and sound.

Why Masonry? 🤔

For those of you new to the Masonry universe, here’s a quick dive into why this might just be the tool you’ve been searching for:

  1. Holistic Development Environment: No more juggling between software. Masonry provides a complete environment to connect, test, and deploy python-based DataBrick workflows.
  2. Up-to-Date: With the latest release, you’re guaranteed to have support for the newest from DataBricks. No more compatibility issues!
  3. Portable & Efficient: Being containerized means it’s not just restricted to your local machine. Move it, share it, and let your entire team benefit from it.

Get Started with the New Masonry!

If you’re as excited as I was to release it, head over to Masonry’s GitHub and grab the latest version. Whether you’re a seasoned DataBricks professional or a newbie, Masonry’s intuitive design ensures a smooth ride.

In Conclusion 🌟

In the ever-evolving landscape of data science and cloud computing, tools like Masonry not only simplify our lives but also make the entire process more enjoyable. With its latest release, it continues its legacy of being a dependable and up-to-date solution for all Azure DataBricks enthusiasts.

Here’s to seamless workflows and productive days ahead with Masonry!

P.S.: Found the update helpful? Have suggestions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to drop me a message or contribute to Masonry’s GitHub! Let’s make it even better, together!